Gemini is basically next generation digital asset platform which is basically designed for businesses. Gemini is very user-friendly and successful for investors. Gemini is designed with all trading features which includes buy, sell and store all digital assets and currencies. Gemini was first initiated in 2015 and has a responsibility to reshape the financial system. Gemini was first found in New-york. And was licensed bitcoin and Etheruem.

Gemini is working for both private as well as public APIs.

Public REST APIs provide market data like below.

1) It has all current order book

2) All recent trading activities

3) Almost all trading history

Private REST APIs. They allow us to manage orders and funds both

1) Responsible for placing and canceling orders

2) Able to see your active orders

3) You are able to see all the trading history and trade volumes

4) You can get all your available balances from here

Gemini is specialized in Bitcoin transactions, People can get their Bitcoin balance in the account and it takes only three confirmations from Bitcoin network. It has proved as very safe from the transaction point of view. It completes all its transactions within 30 minutes. It’s all includes from transferring a bitcoin to sender’s wallet to Gemini wallet and vice versa. If you are facing any issues with the exchange transaction just call our Gemini Customer Support Number.


Problems with Gemini Security and Transaction?

Many customers has complained about double fees deduction. Some users have complained about not able to see remaining balance in an account. Many users have complained for personal data loss when they tried doing transactions. Some users have faced issues while transactions for stealing of personal information. We have received few complaints regarding money not received in the account for 7-8 days after the transaction and for which timeline was 24-48 hours.


Many people have complained that they are not able to find the support number of Gemini after all these issues. If you are also searching Support number for Gemini. You can dial our Gemini Support Number you will be assisted fully. Please dial our support number 1-844-617-9531.

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